How To

To participate in the Mexico City project:

1. Prepare

• Get the app on your phone. It’s a web app so you don’t have to download anything from an app store. Just go to and save it to your device (follow this guide.)

• Enable location services on your phone (this will tag your pictures with the gps location in which they have been taken)
On an iPhone go to Settings: Privacy: Location Services: Camera and check to allow location access “While using the app.” Follow this guide.

• Claim a location on the map at Pick the Mexico City project and click on a green icon in the location you want to take the picture from. The first time you use it, it will ask you to create a login. It will also ask you to share your location, please make sure you do so we know where you took the picture from.

You can also participate in the project without claiming a location on the grid and without creating a login. Just take a picture from any location in Mexico City at the time of the satellite flyover. To do that click on the gray icon representing your location on the map.

2. Take action

• On Sunday September 20, arrive at your location before 14:50

• Face North

• Position your phone parallel to the sky

• At 14:53, take a picture of the sky directly above you

• Upload the picture through the app ( or email it to If you email it please make sure to tell us where you took it.

• Take a selfie! and email it to

3. See the results

• See the crowdsourced picture, satellite picture taken against it, individual pictures everyone uploaded in your city, as well as other projects in other parts of the world through the app ( or at our website

• Come to the Transito Festival exhibition and see the crowdsourced picture, participate in other workshops and projects


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