The Earth remade

“We can see now that information is what our world runs on: the blood and the fuel, the vital principle” – James Gleic

Life is only possible where there’s water. What if access to water is access to information?

Cloud Services is a proposal for using the atmosphere as the data storage and transmission. Clouds teem with microbes which are transferred worldwide in air masses and water cycle. Data encoded in their DNA can be universally distributed and stored permanently in the soil, tapping into a data storage and transfer system that has been optimized by billion years of evolution within the planet’s energy budget constraints.

While we are facing scarcity of energy resources, the digital layer of the technosphere is gaining in consumption of disproportionally large slice of the available energy resources. Cloud Services scheme nullifies the need for physical infrastructure for transmission and storage of data, offering an alternative regime for human interaction with physical systems that keeps humanity within the planetary constraints of energy consumption. The scheme offers a truly democratic access to knowledge and a fundamental re-framing of our relationship and connectedness to each other and to the earth.



How it works:

• Binary data is translated into DNA code, using a torrent-like method to split large files into small data packets. The DNA sequences are chemically synthesized into short chains of deoxyribonucleic acid molecules.
• The cloud bacteria is transformed with the synthesized DNA using gene drive technique, which ensures it will be passed on to the next generation of bacteria and spread in the entire population. Gene drive information flanks data packets and functions as the torrent header.
• The data-rich bacteria is then applied to the clover plants which nurture the bacteria and amplify it.
• Bacteria on the clover is carried into the atmosphere by the air currents.
• Once in the atmosphere, bacteria induce clouds to form, acting as Cloud Condensation Nuclei: moisture in the air condenses around them into cloud droplets. • Data clouds are transported around the planet in air masses and water cycle.
• Strategically planted clover fields nurture and amplify the bacteria when it rains down on earth’s surface, and expose them to air currents lifting them into the air again. • When cloud bacteria rain down, they interact with the bacteria in the environment. The data in cloud bacteria genome is exchanged through the horizontal gene transfer with other bacteria species around them. • Soil bacteria become a permanent data repository. New layers of information are formed through updates brought by the cloud bacteria in the water cycle.
• Information stored in the biosphere can be read using DNA sequencing. Currently this is done in labs equipped with sequencing technology, however small personal sequencing chips, such as the MinION sequencer, are already entering the market.